servicing and repair

We offer a range of servicing and repair for all types of Firearm.


Over & Under Service (Strip Clean & Regulate) from £80.00 + parts

Boxlock Actions Service (Strip Clean & Regulate, includes blacking of furniture) from £60.00 + parts

Sidelock/Round Bodied Actions Service (Strip Clean & Regulate, includes blacking of furniture) from £80.00 +parts


Replace firing pins/striker per side from £50.00

Replace mainspring over & under from £60.00

Replace mainspring side by side from £80.00 

Replace ejector springs over & under from £110.00

Replace ejector springs side by side from £110.00

Regulate trigger pulls (per side) from £70.00

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English Oil Finish from £150.00

English Oil Finish & Re-chequer POA

Clean out existing chequering POA

Re-chequering POA

Lengthen with pad/vulcanite from £150.00

Lengthen with wood and re-chequer end POA

Set stock one way POA 

Set stock two ways POA

Shorten, refit original pad or plate from £80.00

Shortern, chequer butt end and finish from POA

Engrave Ovals POA

Re-stocking of Boxlock, Sidelock (wood extra) POA

Forend re-stocking POA


Black barrels (prepared and cleaned off) from £200.00

Re-lay ribs and black from £300.00

Purdey type cross pin – from (not including engraving) £200.00 

Jointing from £75.00 

Tighten from £100.00 

Lapping per thou POA

Dents POA

Gold Numbering/Pairing per number POA

Re-Proof and other work to be quoted POA


From 2.50 per week